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I’m listening to the Graffiti album and when “I’ll Go" came on I swear I got I almost lot it. I got way too into the song it made me a little emotional. My eyes became misty for a second. 

Ever since we were 12 I’ve been wanting you to hold. You never were around when I wanted you to roll, now I see you once if I’m lucky every couple months. I be with this school shit and you’re always coupled up.

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"I always see ‘em out the corner of my eye
Scared to death to fully see ‘em but I try
I just wanna ask ‘em why they follow me around
And they reply when I hear a sound
Or they walk by and give me a chill I can’t explain
It feels so strange is that a high
My anxiety’s at an all time high
One second I’m good then I flip a switch
Then I’m thinkin’ I might die”

  • Track: Monsters In My Head Ft. Slaughterhouse
  • Artist: Crooked I
  • Album: Psalm 82:6
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